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The full entry form for the 2009 Spotlight Awards Competition.

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Be sure to review LACP's FAQ for more information about the competitions.  If you need any further information, send us an e-mail.

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Call for Entries:
2009 Spotlight AwardsEncore Edition

The World's Largest Print, Video & Web Site Competition


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Early Bird: Feb. 19
All Entries: Mar. 19
Results: Apr. 26
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What's Recently Said About LACP Competitions:

"All of us here think that this is
the best-organized competition we've ever experienced.  Thanks for your hard work!"

-Christine G.
Top L.A. PR Firm

"...a very good and professional
job and altogether the best-organized competition."

-Desiree U.
Top European Design Firm


A Semi-Annual Update to the Industry's Most Popular Competition of Its Kind.  We've been told that a semi-annual competition format is preferred since many communications materials become outdated after six months. We've listened and are proud to announce the creation of the 2009 Spotlight Awards Encore Edition, a semi-annual touchstone for the best in communications.

Enhanced Results Kits.  Now 12+ pages of competition coverage, individual metrics and feedback; a CD packed with resources; and other important supplemental materials.

Expanded Judges' Comments.  Included in the Results Kit for every entry.  Find out exactly which impressions and observations were made by LACP's judging staff.

More Opportunities to Win.  More categories offered, providing a greater platform on which to earn recognition for your specific program.


Nothing distinguishes your work and brings recognition to you and your team more than honors from the 2009 Spotlight Awards. 

The 2009 Spotlight Awards recognizes the outstanding print-, video- and web-based communications materials from the Public Relations and Communications professions during the past twelve months. From Citigroup to General Electric, Abbott to YRC, companies large and small compete against peers of similar size, staff, and means to earn recognition for their organization’s achievements.

Here's your chance to earn due recognition for your hard work in communications.  As one of the nation's premiere communications materials competition, the 2009 Spotlight Awards provides a platform for communications professionals to demonstrate the value they’re delivering to their organization.


Judged across a broad range of criteria, awards are presented across five tiers: platinum, gold, silver, bronze, and honorable mention. Ratings are based upon an evaluation point system, which considers a number of factors measuring the effectiveness of communications.

In order to maintain equity during the evaluation process, materials are also classified and considered according to organization size and revenue.  Further, individual honors are also being awarded to entrants participating in category-specific competitions.


Whether you focus on communications for a corporation, non-profit organization, governmental, or educational entity, LACP’s 2009 Spotlight Awards competition is a chance to have the high quality of your work validated by one of the most respected competition forums in the world.

The Call for Entries concludes March 19, 2010.  (April 2, 2010 with late fee.)  So don’t delay; be sure to submit your entry today!


Best of all, this year's Spotlight Awards Competition is better than ever before.  Here are just a few reasons why:

Statuettes for Platinum Award Winners. Each one is customized to you, your project, and/or your company.

Full-Blown Winners’ Kits. Tailored especially to you and presented in a personalized three-ring binder, these kits walk you through the entire judging process and provide you with your individual results. This kit is an excellent addition to any communicator’s portfolio.

New, Detailed Scorecards. All entrants receive individualized score cards highlighting their entry’s performance across a broad range of categories. The thumbnail analysis provides a clear and simple picture about your communications materials. strengths & weaknesses.

Award Certificates for All Honorees. Handsomely designed for framing, these attractive, embossed certificates describe the winning entry and the person(s) who led and contributed to its development.

Online Winners’ Showcase. Individual Winners’ Profiles are developed and posted online for each honoree. Highlighting the winning entry and the team that made it possible, this online showcase is a great resource to promote your hard work.

Downloadable Winners’ Logos. All honorees gain access to their specific award logo for downloading and reproduction, which can be used to showcase your entry’s achievements.

More Defined Competition Classifications. This year’s competition better pinpoints exactly which companies you should be competing against in order to create the fairest competition. Based on a logarithmic scale, the classifications will ensure that your competitors are of similar size and means.

Recognition with the News Media. Top-performing honorees are highlighted in LACP’s 2009 Spotlight Awards press announcement, sent via newswire to the top news outlets around the world.

Expanded Competition Categories.  A good number of PR pros, just like you, have asked for expanded competition categories in areas where communications materials can most shine. We’ve responded to that request, broadening the number of optional competition categories from five to eight.


The deadline to submit entries for this year's competition is March 19, 2010. 

The late entry deadline to submit materials with late fee is April 2, 2010.

Winners will be announced and awards distributed on April 26, 2010.

Online Winners' Profiles will remain active through at least April 26, 2011.

Download the entry form.


A sample Results Kit provided to all participants

What Makes LACP Competitions
So Cost-Effective

While LACP's competitions may have among the lowest entry fees, it's not a result of cutting corners.  (See "How Our Competitions Compare" for details.)  It's because we have worked hard to build an array of processes that keeps us extraordinarily streamlined:

∙ Integrated Technology.  We streamline a lot of our judging and production processes with custom computer applications solely developed to manage our competitions.  Not a lot of other PR organizations are able to match our level of organization and innovation, so we can offer more and get it done faster.

∙ Web-Based Promotion.  The majority of our promotion is web-based via our free e-mail newsletter, SPIN.  This communications vehicle reaches 30,000 PR pros monthly at 1/10th the cost of conventional mailings.

∙ Focused--Not Superfluous--Activities.  Some competitions wrap up with awards banquets in New York City or a charter yacht in Florida.  Unless you're looking for an excuse to go on a boondoggle, this doesn't offer much value.  We invest instead in promoting our winners to the news media and the world.

How Our Competitions Compare
with Others

 LACPCompetition ACompetition B
Number of EntrantsHundredsHundredsHundreds
Well-Recognized Competition
Statuettes for Winners
Post-Competition Publicity 
Extensive Online Profiles  
Detailed Scorecards  
Logos on
Experienced, Full-Time Judges????
Entry Fee


Those in the Top 100 Include:

Exxon Mobil (1)  ∙ Wal-Mart (2) Chevron (4) ∙ Ford Motor (5) ∙ GE (7)  ∙ Citigroup (8) ∙ AIG (9) ∙ IBM (10) ∙ H-P (11) ∙ Bank of America (12) ∙ Home Depot (14) ∙ McKesson (16)  ∙ Verizon (18) ∙ Altria (20) ∙ State Farm  (22) ∙ P&G (24) ∙ Dell (25) ∙ Boeing (26) ∙ Costco (28)  ∙ Pfizer (31) ∙ Johnson & Johnson (32) ∙ MetLife (35) ∙ WellPoint (38) ∙ AT&T (39) ∙ Time Warner (40) ∙ Lowe’s (42) ∙ United Tech. (43) ∙  Walgreen (45) ∙ Wells Fargo (46) ∙ Intel (49) ∙ Lockheed Martin (52) ∙ Motorola (54) ∙ Caterpillar (55) ∙ Archer Daniels Midland (56) ∙ Allstate (58) Sprint Nextel (59)   ∙ Lehman Brothers (62) ∙ Disney (63) Prudential (64) ∙ Sysco (68) ∙ American Express (69) ∙ DuPont (73) ∙ Johnson Co (75) ∙ Delphi (77) ∙ The Hartford (78) ∙ Tyson Foods (80) ∙ Cisco  (83) ∙ HCA (84) ∙ Federated (87) ∙ Coca-Cola (89) ∙ Aetna (91) ∙ MassMutual (92) ∙ Abbott (93) ∙ Comcast (94) ∙ Merck (95) ∙ Raytheon (97) Nationwide (98) ∙ Washington Mutual (99) 


Why LACP's Competitions are Considered to be
Among the Best

∙ Real Feedback. 
Many other competitions print out awards and send them in the mail without any indication that considerable thought was put into the decision-making.  At LACP, we do things differently--we provide you with extensive metrics that tell you exactly where an entry excels or could use improvement.  Plus, you gain extensive data on whom you competed against and how you compare.

∙ Real Recognition.  LACP is the only organization that offers extensive Winners' Profiles online.  Honorees gain dedicated web pages detailing their accolades.  In addition, LACP extensively publicizes and promotes competition results.

∙ Professional Judges.  Many other competitions use part-time volunteer judges who haven't had the opportunity work in the profession or develop strong critical evaluation skills.  The core of LACP's judging staff come directly from the PR/Marcom industry and have established extensive judging experience.  They stay sharp because they're performing their duties at LACP each quarter and every year for years and years.

∙ Awards with Meaning.  Everyone seems to be a winner in many other competitions.  At LACP, our honorees truly have to earn recognition.  Word is spreading--there's a reason that our participant base is growing at a rate of 39% each year.

∙ More than a Certificate.
Sometimes, the only results seen from a competition is an award certificate or two thrown in a manila envelope.  That's unacceptable in our minds--that's why we painstakingly build custom Winners' Kits that give you everything imaginable from a competition--statistics, percentiles, narrative commentary, press releases, artwork, and more.  A typical kit is 12+ pages long.


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