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Annual Report Best Practices2009 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition Results

Best Practices in Annual Report Design & Communications
As Updated & Compiled from Award-Winning Annual Reports of LACP's 2009 Vision Awards Competition



What makes an annual report score 30 points in this category:

  • Attention-Grabbing Format. A unique theme, an engaging style, a new idea. Something that catches an investor’s attention before the report is even opened and encourages them to read each page of the book from end to end.

  • High Quality, Detail, and Diversity. Excellent paper and gloss; attention to detail relative to the usability of the report; and visual diversity from page to page while maintaining a consistent style.

Trends we noted this year:

  • Artwork.  More stylistic artwork and charts are moving annual reports to a high level of quality.  The information substantially aids readers in understanding a company and its focus on both small, independent and institutional investors.  More artwork this year showcased companies’ considerable capital investments (e.g. facilities around the world) and top-label clients, and the idea of building a story around trustworthiness is very effective.

  • We Truly Care. A book’s theme works extremely well if it fits the company’s messaging of centering itself around investors and their expectations.  We learned a lot about whom top companies care about outside the financial circle, (employees, customers, communities, etc…) and how supporting them ultimately benefited all the company’s key stakeholders.


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Updated August 23, 2010