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Annual Report Best Practices2009 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition Results


Best Practices in Annual Report Design & Communications
As Updated & Compiled from Award-Winning Annual Reports of LACP's 2009 Vision Awards Competition



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This is the eighth edition of LACP's Best Practices Report in Annual Report Design & Communications.  Each year, we update the content to reflect the trends and evolution of the industry.  The report is divided into three major parts:

  • Analysis of key trends in annual report development. (Pages 3-12)

  • A hands-on review of the best entries from the past year.  (Special Feature, Page 5)

  • An overview of what we look for when judging an entry, per the guidelines of our Competition Scorecard. (Pages 13-23)

We are fortune enough to have the greatest visibility to this industry on a worldwide basis, so it's our pleasure to pass along the insights we collect on to you.


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