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2020/21 Vision Awards
Annual Report Competition

Introduction & Overview
2020/21 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition

2020/21 Vision AwardsThe 2020/21 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition, together with the 2020 Vision Awards, drew one of the largest number of submissions ever, representing a broad range of industries and organizational sizes.  This year’s event was comprised of nearly 1,000 organizations representing upwards of a score of countries, so competition was exceptionally tough.

In hosting its twentieth consecutive annual report competition, LACP introduced a number of innovations to this year’s program.  The online presentation was refreshed to reflect a more contemporary look and feel.  Award certificate stock was upgraded to a heavier weight and similarly updated to match the new look of the 16-page Results Guide.  "Rich cards" now embed the individual results of a participant for quick and easy parsing by Google for presentation in its search results.  

We thank all registrants for becoming a part of something very special this year, and we congratulate today’s winners for rising to the top of a very competitive field.   The complete results from this year’s competition can be viewed through this online gallery.  We encourage your feedback and look forward to your participation in next year’s event!

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