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How You Can Use LACP's Award Logos

Congratulations on your award-winning performance in this year's competition.  Your CD provides you with valuable resources to make the most of highlighting your win to clients, partners, employees and other key publics.

The following guidelines apply to any use of LACP's Award Logos.  Please review carefully.


Property.  All images and content provided on your CD is property of LACP LLC.  You are licensed to use LACP's award logos across print-, video- and web-based media per the provisions below.  We reserve the rescind this license at any time for any reason.


Useable Logos.  Only a small selection of logos provided on this CD are applicable to your award win.  The logos that you are authorized to use are listed on the label attached to the front cover of your CD case.  No other logos may be used without express written permission from LACP.


Distribution and/or Transfer of CD's Contents.  You are authorized to share the contents of this CD with clients, agencies and other related entities for the purpose of promoting and/or publicizing your award win.  All other uses require express written permission from LACP.  You are considered responsible for how such third parties use this CD. 


Reproducing Award Materials.  Under this license, the contents of this CD may not be used to reproduce award materials, e.g. trophies, certificates, plaques, etc...  However, these logos may be separately licensed for such purposes.  Be sure to contact us with details on your planned use of the logo(s) for a complimentary quote on such a license..


Misrepresentation.  Using these award logos in a manner deemed by LACP to be misrepresentative will result in fines, penalties, and potential revocation of earned awards.  You agree to comply to the above terms and contact LACP should there be any ambiguity about the appropriate use of these logos.

Usage Samples:



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