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About LACP
What is LACP™?

Who Participates with LACP?

LACP Client Locations, Continental United States.  Click for detailed image.
League of American Communications Professionals LLC (LACP) was established in 2001 in order to create a forum within the public relations industry that facilitates discussion of best-in-class practices within the profession while also recognizing those who demonstrate exemplary communications capabilities.

As part of this goal, LACP hosts a free monthly newsletter distributed via e-mail and quarterly competitions that target various disciplines within the communications field.

More than 30,000 subscribers have received our monthly newsletter, which shares best practices; provides tools, tips, and resources to professionals; and hosts various forums to discuss industry trends and challenges.

The quarterly competitions routinely include hundreds of entries from some of the most recognized organizations throughout the world.


It is LACP's goal to help facilitate discussion of best-in-class practices in communications and recognize those who demonstrate exemplary communications behaviors.

As part of this goal, LACP hosts both a free monthly newsletter distributed on e-mail as well as quarterly competitions that target various disciplines within the communications field.  Further LACP offers membership to PR pros interested in better developing their communications skills and interested in tapping into a center of online PR resources.  Additionally, LACP facilitates the sharing of ideas and expertise among PR professionals through its complimentary discussion boards.  LACP's PR Scope, the Media's White Book for News Sources, provides PR pros with the opportunity to improve their visibility to news media by listing themselves and their organization's subject matter experts in an online news source directory.  Finally, LACP provides guidance to communications professionals looking to improve their publicity materials by offering written evaluations as well as to those currently attending college/university through
student programs.
LACP Divisions
LACP Support ServicesLACP Research ServicesLACP Competition ServicesLACP Member Services
Ranging from PR Tools 2008, a collection of nearly 100 PR templates and resources to our Best Practices Reports for annual reports and newsletters, this group offers a variety of capabilities for PR pros to work more effectively. moreLACP's Narrative Evaluation Services provide targeted, custom-tailored evaluations of communications materials and campaigns.  Our exclusive three-dimensional review process covers all facets of modern-day comms. more Every quarter, LACP hosts quarterly competitions focused on identifying 1) those performing the best in PR practices around the world and 2) what those winning practices are.  Competitions range from internal to corporate PR. moreLACP members enjoy the core offerings of LACP's various services at heavily discounted or free rates.  We work to package the very best of what LACP has to offer in an affordable and easy-to-use solution available to all PR pros.
LACP by the Numbers
30,000 Peak LACP SPIN Subscriber Base
21,500 Total Competition Entries thru 12/08
33 Percent of Fortune 1000 Using LACP
23 Number of Countries with LACP Clients
9 Years in Service

Currently, more than 30,000 subscribers have received SPIN, LACP's monthly newsletter, which:

▪ Shares best practices.
▪ Provides tools, tips, and resources to professionals.
▪ Reports on emerging trends in the communications profession.
▪ Hosts forums to discuss industry challenges.

Subscriptions are always free to LACP's monthly newsletter, and we don't share your contact information with any third parties.  To learn more about subscribing to the newsletter, visit our subscription page.

Participating Organizations

9 of the 10 largest members in the Fortune 500 have participated in LACP competitions.

Those in the Top 100 include:

Exxon Mobil (1) ∙ Wal-Mart (2) ∙ Chevron (4) ∙ Ford Motor (5) ∙ GE (7) ∙ Citigroup (8) ∙ AIG (9) ∙ IBM (10) ∙ H-P (11) ∙ Bank of America (12) ∙ Home Depot (14) ∙ McKesson (16) ∙ Verizon (18) ∙ Altria (20) ∙ State Farm (22) ∙ P&G (24) ∙ Dell (25) ∙ Boeing (26) ∙ Costco (28) ∙ Pfizer (31) ∙ J&J (32) ∙ MetLife (35) ∙ Wellpoint (38) ∙ AT&T (39) ∙ Time Warner (40) ∙ Lowe's (42) ∙ United Technologies (43) ∙ Walgreen (45) ∙ Wells Fargo (46) ∙ Intel (49) ∙ Lockheed (52) ∙ Motorola (54) ∙ Caterpillar (55) ∙ Archer Daniels Midland (56) ∙ Allstate (58) ∙ Sprint Nextel (59) ∙ Lehman (62) ∙ Disney (63) ∙ Prudential (64) ∙ Sysco (68) ∙ American Express (69) ∙ DuPont (73) ∙ Johnson Controls (75) ∙ Delphi (77) ∙ Hartford (78) ∙ Tyson Foods (80) ∙ Cisco (83) ∙ HCA (84) ∙ Federated (87) ∙ Coca-Cola (89) ∙ Aetna (91) ∙ MassMutual (92) ∙ Abbott (93) ∙ Comcast (94) ∙ Merck (95) ∙ Raytheon (97) ∙ Nationwide (98)  Washington Mutual (99)


The quarterly competitions routinely include hundreds of entries from some of the most well-recognized organizations throughout the world.  Entries came from organizations in the top 10 of the Fortune 500 to non-profits aiding individual communities, and sectors represented in the competition ranged from healthcare, technology, and utilities to financial services, chemicals, and charitable foundations.  The competition schedule routinely follows a seasonal pattern:

Reminders and entry forms can be downloaded at


LACP has a strong reputation for its narrative evaluation services, which focuses on a three-dimensional analysis of communications materials and campaigns. The highlights of the analysis includes:

A marked-up edition of the materials submitted for review.
A narrative audio commentary of the judging staff's recommendations.
A printed executive summary of the staff's perceptions and suggestions.

Details about the service can be found at LACP's web site at


LACP develops several reports annually that focus on the best practices within certain disciplines. Examples include the annual report best practices report and the employee communications best practices report, both of which have become staples within the communications industry. Details about these reports can be found at


LACP has developed several tools to benefit professional communicators. These include:

PR Tools 2008. ( 25+ PR templates and 60+ "how-to" PR guides on CD.
Gift Guide. 160+ reporter-written story profiles for Christmas/holiday product round-ups.
Communications Certification.  A pathway for teams to distinguish themselves as the best of the profession.
LACP Membership. See below for details.


Additionally, LACP has recently established a membership program that provides a range of services for the communications professional:

bulletOnline Resource Center. Tap into to a large library of templates, free for the download in a variety of file formats, that provide guidance and work samples for a wide range of communications activities:

Corp. Backgrounder
Corporate Overview
Corporate Q&A
Message Guide
Message GuideMessage GuideCampaign Timeline
Communications Audit
Strategic Plan Outline
Organizational Chart
Briefing Book
Executive Biography
Financial Release
Speech Outline
Pub. Schedule SheetLaunch Release
Reviewer's Guide
White Paper
Agency Agreement
Interview Messaging
Job Applicant Test
Media Training
PR Team Meeting
Spokesman's Guide

bulletSpecial Updates through SPIN. Many subscribers to LACP's free newsletter enjoy its real-world, nuts-and-bolts approach to handling the challenges of the communications profession. LACP members also receive SPIN, the members-only newsletter that delivers the inside track on many important tips and developments within the profession.
bulletRecognition. Earn the distinction of being a communications professional committed to continuous advancement and participation in the profession. Members receive a membership certificate, membership card, and reference services.
bulletEvaluation Services Discounts. Members also enjoy a $50 discount on narrative evaluation services.
bulletLexicon Online.  Access the comprehensive edition of LACP's Lexicon for the Communications Professional.  Adapted from LACP's monthly newsletter.
bulletPR Tools 2012.   Discover what tools offered online can help you become more productive, further develop your skill set, and find the information you need.
bulletPR Salary Guide.  Track projected PR salaries, for positions ranging from specialist to director, across 300 regions throughout the U.S.
bulletContact LACP.   Receive priority support from LACP.

LACP is headed by an accredited communications veteran with more than ten years of corporate, product, employee, and technology communications experience namely with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 organizations.  LACP's staff exhibits a variety of talents across a broad range of communications disciplines.  We also rely on a network of other communications professionals to provide us with niche-specific insights into public relations.

We welcome your input and inquiries.

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