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Premium Award Materials

Looking for something particularly special with which to celebrate your award win?  Review our complete catalog of recognition materials to make the perfect selection.  All orders are produced by one of the industry's premiere awards production facilities.

1. Review the catalog and find the exact items that you wish to order.  The easiest way to keep track of your favorite items is to click the "Add to Sales List" button in the bottom-left corner of the page.

2. Send us your order and specifications!  You can do this easily by either:
     a. Reviewing your sales list and clicking "Send to Client" to send it directly to us.  Our e-mail address for delivery is entry [at] lacp [dot] com
     b. Clicking the "Contact us" link below to send us a quick message with the product numbers you wish to order.
     c. FAXing us a one-page note with the specific items and customization instructions you have.

3. We'll send you an invoice to confirm your order and provide payment options.

4. Once payment is received, your order will be forwarded to the production facility.  Proofs will be sent to you shortly thereafter to ensure that your order is being manufactured to your exact specifications.

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